Sushiro "Unadon Single", "Unadon Double", "Unadon Triple".

Sushiro will sell "Unadon Single," "Unadon Double," and "Unadon Triple" to coincide with "Doyo no Ushi" (day of the ox). These are available only for take-out.

Sushiro's eels are made with the utmost attention to detail, from the ingredients to the steaming, grilling, and sauce. To maintain the freshness and flavor of the eel, the eels are freshly cured, steamed to plumpness, and then slowly broiled in white to remove excess fat and condense the flavor.

Furthermore, Sushiro's original sauce is thoroughly applied four times. The eel's natural flavor is enhanced, and the plump meat is then covered with the sweet and spicy sauce, making it a "superb" dish, according to the company. The lineup is as follows

Eel bowl single (5 pieces)

Sushiro "Eel bowl single".

Priced at 640 yen (tax included, same below). Price differs at some stores.

Eel bowl double (10 pieces)

Sushiro "Unadon Double

Price is 1,080 yen. Price differs at some stores.

Unadon Triple (15 pieces)

Sushiro "Unadon Triple

Price is 1,520 yen. Price differs at some stores.

Both are available from July 13 through July 31. Available at Sushiro and Sushiro To Go stores. Sushiro To Go stores do not offer the "Unadon Triple (15 pieces).