Ippudo "Miso Akamaru
Miso Akamaru (All images are from Ippudo's official website)


Miso Akamaru Ippudo will introduce "Miso Akamaru" as a limited winter menu item. It will be available at 104 Ippudo restaurants, including food court restaurants "Ippudo Ramen Express" and "Ramen Express Hakata Ippudo". It will go on sale on January 17.

Ippudo "Miso Akamaru

Ippudo's wintertime

staple, a combination of smooth pork


broth and several types of miso

, rich and thick. The new version is available in black pepper, white pepper, ginger, and red pepper. The soup is spiced up with "7-ELEVEN Spice," a special seasoning made from a combination of 7-ELEVEN spices including black pepper, white pepper, and ginger powder.

The noodles are made of medium-thick noodles that blend well with the soup. The special toppings include roasted pork belly, which is prepared in the restaurant and is packed with the flavor of the meat. In addition, green onions, red onions, bean sprouts, and "burnt butter corn," the perfect accompaniment to miso ramen, are also topped on top.

You can also enjoy the unique spicy miso and special spiced oil mixed with Ippudo's "Akamaru" for a change of flavor. For those who want a more luxurious experience, Ippudo recommends the "Special Topping," which includes a piece of special seared char siu, nori, and a half-boiled egg.

The number of servings is limited at each restaurant. The chashu pork is different from the picture in some stores. No medium-thick noodle refills are available, but thin noodle refills can be ordered. As a rule, the recommended hardness of the noodles is "normal noodles. In addition, Miso Akamaru does not offer "birthday coupons" or "premium coupons" distributed through the official smartphone application, nor are "shareholder coupons" available.

The price without additional toppings is 980 yen (tax included, same as below). Adding one piece of seared chashu pork as an exclusive topping costs a total of 1,150 yen, and adding two pieces costs a total of 1,290 yen. The total price is 1,340 yen with a set of special toppings. In addition, a large bowl of noodles can be ordered for an additional 150 yen.