Ippudo "Miso Akamaru
miso-like concentrate of sweetened miso

I tried Ippudo's "Miso Akamaru!"

We tried Ippudo's seasonal menu " Miso Akamaru". You can enjoy the combination of thick roasted pork belly chashu pork, sweet butter corn with a crunchy texture, and rich and tasty miso tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. The price is 980 yen (tax included).

Ippudo "Miso Akamaru
Annual winter menu. try the 2023 edition.

What will the 2023 version of the classic winter menu taste like?

Ippudo has been selling this winter staple every year since 2012, and when we tasted the 2019 version, we were surprised by the cocoa-infused flavor.

This year's 2023 version combines three types of miso (red miso, barley miso, and combined miso) with Ippudo's pork bone broth, and includes "7-ELEVEN Spice," a special seasoning made up of 7-ELEVEN different spices including black pepper, white pepper, and ginger powder. The soup is topped with thick, medium-sized noodles that blend well with the broth, and special toppings such as roasted pork belly chashu pork, green onions, red onions, bean sprouts, burnt butter corn, spicy miso paste, and special spiced oil.

Ippudo "Miso Akamaru
Sweet butter corn

I tried the butter corn, which is typical of miso ramen, by scooping it off with a brick. The texture is small and delicate, and the juicy sweetness spreads as you bite into it. It is a delightful complement to the rich miso-pork bone broth.

The exclusive topping of roasted pork belly chashu pork is thick and has a strong meaty flavor when you bite into it. It is a delight to dip it into the rich broth and enjoy.

Ippudo "Miso Akamaru
Thick pork chashu! I recommend dipping it in plenty of soup!

The medium-thick noodles have a soft texture on the tongue and are well coated with spicy miso and special spiced oil.

The bean sprouts, which go well with miso ramen as well as the corn, are also crunchy and pleasantly crispy, and the hot bean sprouts on the table blend nicely with the soup.

Ippudo "Miso Akamaru
Soup and fragrant oil are added to the curls.

A bowl of this dish will warm you up from the bottom of your stomach. If you are in the mood for something different from the usual pork bone broth, this is a must-try.