Hamazushi "Hamazushi no Kyushu Uma Neta Matsuri" (Hamazushi's Kyushu Uma Neta Festival)



azushi no Kyushu Utsu Neta

Matsuri" 2023

Hamazushi "Hamazushi no Kyushu Utsu Neta Matsuri" will be held at Hamazushi restaurants from May 18, 2012.

The "Hamazushi no Kyushu Utsu Neta


" is a limited-time fair that allows visitors to fully enjoy a Kyushu gourmet trip. This year's lineup includes items using ingredients typical of Kyushu, such as "Kyushu katsujime kanpachi," which comes in season in summer, "Sodeika squid from Miyazaki Prefecture," "Seared Kagoshima black beef nigiri (with special sauce)," "Shrimp cod roe," and more.

Live-close kanpachi

from Kyushu
Hamazushi "Live-close Kanpachi from Kyushu

The "Kyushu Live-close Kanpachi" is a sushi using Kyushu live-close kanpachi, which are in season in summer. It is priced at 110 yen (tax included, same as below).


Ookiribane Gatsuo

Hama Sushi "Kyushu Ookiri-Hagatsuo

Kyushu Ookiri Hane Gatsuo" is a sushi made with soft and melt-in-your-mouth Ookiri Hane Gatsuo. The price is 110 yen.


Sode Squid
Hama Sushi "Sode Squid from Miyazaki Prefecture

Sodeika from Miyazaki Prefecture" is a sushi of sodeika with a chewy texture and sweetness that can be felt every time you bite into it. The price is 165 yen.

Seared Kagoshima Black Beef Nigiri with Special Sauce

Hama Sushi "Seared Kagoshima Black Beef Nigiri with Special Sauce

The "Seared Kagoshima Black Beef Nigiri with Special Sauce" is a new product in the "Blissful Sushi" series. Kagoshima black beef (kuroshi), which boasts the highest meat quality grade, is enhanced with a soy sauce-based sauce. The price is 319 yen.


Tonkotsu Ramen
Hamazushi "Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is a tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen with an irresistible richness and flavor. It is priced at 418 yen.

Yatai no Crispy

Hitokuchi Gyoza (Crispy Hitokuchi Gyoza with Spicy Green Onion

Hamazushi "Yatai no Crispy Hitokuchi Gyoza (Crispy Dumplings with Spicy Green Onions)" (Japanese only)

Yatai no Crunchy Hitokuchi Gyoza (Crunchy Crunchy Gyoza with Spicy Green Onions) is a bite-sized gyoza inspired by Hakata's food stall menu. It is topped with "deliciously spicy green onions. The price is 308 yen.

Umodashi Tamago


Hamazushi "Umodashi Tamago Mentaiko

The "Umodashi Tamago Mentaiko" is a collaboration with "Fukutaro," a famous mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) store. The egg is topped with Fukutaro's mentaiko. The price is 165 yen.



Hamazushi "Shrimp Mentaiko

Shrimp Mentaiko is a collaboration with Fukutaro, a famous mentaiko restaurant. Shrimp sushi is topped with Fukutaro's mentaiko. The price is 165 yen.

Hakata Mentaiko Mochi Cheese Chawanmushi

Hamazushi "Hakata Mentaiko Mochi Chawanmushi" (Hakata Mentaiko Chawanmushi)

Hakata Mentaiko Mochi Chawanmushi is a collaboration with Fukutaro, a famous mentaiko restaurant. The rich flavor of mentaiko is combined with mochi and cheese. The price is 286 yen.

Crunchy Potato (Menbei Flavor

Hamazushi "Crunchy Potato (Menbei Flavor)

The "Crunchy Potato (Menbei Flavor)" is a product inspired by the mentaiko rice cracker "Menbei". It is priced at 220 yen.

Otona no thick


Hamazushi "Otona no thick tiramisu" (thick tiramisu for adults)

Otona no Dense Tiramisu is an adult tiramisu with a bittersweet coffee flavor and a hint of orange curacao. It is recommended as an after-dinner dessert or for tea time. Price: 286 yen.

Product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.
* Prices may differ at some stores.
* Sales period may differ for some products.
* To be sold at 577 stores (as of May 16).