Ichiran "Fresh Ginger Spice
Raw Ginger Spice

Ichiran Fresh G

inger Spice Ichiran will introduce a winter-only topping menu, "Fresh Ginger Spice," which will be available at some stores from December 20, 2022 to February 28, 2023. The price is 130 yen (tax included).

When combined with the red secret sauce, the spiciness is mellowed and the synergy of tonkotsu ramen and the aroma of ginger can be enjoyed. Order the usual amount of red secret sauce and add fresh ginger spice to enjoy the change in spiciness and depth of flavor.

Ichiran's tonkotsu (pork bone) soup is made by taking the time to carefully remove the excess scum that gives the soup its unique smell and extracting only its umami (flavor). However, a new ginger-based topping has been added to the menu in hopes of warming the body a little during the cold season.

Ichiran "Fresh Ginger Spice

At Ichiran, the entire menu is conceived around the noodles, soup, and red secret sauce, and the "raw ginger spice" is designed to go well with them first and foremost. The spice is finely blended so as not to cancel out the aroma and flavor of the soup, and has a subtle ginger aroma. It is sold at seven stores. They are as follows

・ Tenjin Store
・ Ichiran Headquarter Store
・ Atre Ueno Yamashita-guchi Store
・ Shinjuku Central East Exit Store
・ Umeda Shibata Store
・ Okayama Shimonakano Store
・ Sendai Ekimae Store

Only Ichiran Headquarter Store will be available from noon December 22. The 24-hour stores will start selling from 10:00 a.m. Sales may end as soon as all the products are sold out.