Gong Cha "Strawberry Pistachio Milk Tea & Frozen"

Gong Cha Holiday Season Starts

Gong cha will offer three "Strawberry Pistachio Milk Tea & Frozen" products for a limited time. The release date is November 10. Gong cha's holiday season will start when the city gradually becomes more festive with the sound of winter.

Strawberry Pistachio Milk Tea & Frozen 3 products

The base is the ever-popular "Oolong Milk Tea". The fragrance and subtle sweetness of the Oolong Tea and the milkiness of the tea are well-balanced, making it the star of the show. The luxurious quartet of strawberry sauce, strawberry milk pudding topping, rich pistachio sauce made with roasted pistachios from the U.S., and Oolong milk tea make up a sumptuous quartet. Topped with milk foam to increase the richness of the drink, the quartet is a perfect reward for your taste buds.

In addition to the pre-sale at some stores, the above three "Strawberry Pistachio Milk Tea & Frozen Tea" products will be available at all Gong Cha stores in Japan (excluding Gifu Matamaru store) for pre-sale by mobile order only.


Pistachio Milk Tea (Iced/Hot)

The sweet and sour "Strawberry Sauce", the plump "Strawberry Milk Pudding Topping", and the savory and rich "Pistachio Sauce". Strawberry and pistachio are two popular ingredients that can be enjoyed at the same time. The main ingredient is the fragrant "Oolong Milk Tea". The menu includes not only ICED, but also HOT, perfect for the season when a warm drink is just what you need.

Strawberry Pistachio Frozen Tea

: Oolong Milk Tea with pistachio sauce, strawberry sauce and strawberry milk pudding topping. Strawberry sauce and strawberry milk pudding topping are added to the Oolong Milk Tea, and milk foam is added to make it a frozen tea that can be enjoyed as a dessert.


Milk Pudding Topping The "Strawberry Milk Pudding Topping" is made with strawberry puree and has a delightful milky taste and a soft and fluffy texture. The strawberry milk pudding topping is a new tea menu item with a different taste when topped with milk tea or straight tea, which also coordinates well with the light pink color.


Strawberry Pistachio Milk Tea ICED:M HOT:S
Strawberry Pistachio Frozen Tea FROZEN:M
All 640 yen (tax included)

Strawberry Milk Pudding Topping 90 yen