GONCHA New Food Menu
New Food Menu at Goncha


Cha New Food

Menu New sweets and food menu will be available at Gong Cha. Choco Sandwich Cookie Strawberry Apricot, Choco Sandwich Cookie Earl Grey Lemon Tea, Pistachio Cake Amao Strawberry, Mango Financier, Pineapple Cake, and Fork Roast Melon Pan will be available from March 2, 2023.

GONCHA New Food Menu

Choco Sand Cookie

Strawberry Ap

ricot "Choco Sand Cookie Strawberry Apricot" is a mini-sized cookie for those who just want a little something sweet. The apricot chocolate with Gong Cha's unique flavor is sandwiched between crispy strawberry cookies. It is recommended to pair it with "Alishan Oolong Milk Tea," which has a refreshing sweetness and richness. Choco Sand Cookie Strawberry Apricot is priced at 170 yen (tax included, same below).

GONCHA "Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Strawberry Apricot
chocolate sandwich cookie strawberry apricot

Choco Sandwich Cookie Earl Grey

Lemon Tea

"Choco Sandwich Cookie Earl Grey Lemon Tea" is another mini-sized cookie suitable for those who just want a little something sweet. Aromatic Earl Grey tea chocolate is sandwiched between crispy lemon cookies. We recommend pairing these cookies with "Black Milk Tea," which has a refreshing taste that will keep you coming back for more. Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Earl Grey Lemon Tea is priced at 170 yen.

GONCHA "Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Earl Grey Lemon Tea
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Earl Grey Lemon Tea

Pistachio Cake Amao


"Pistachio Cake Amao Ichigo" is a moist baked cake with savory and rich pistachios and sweet and sour Amao strawberry sauce kneaded into the dough with almond powder. The strawberry and pistachio flavors can be enjoyed at the same time. It is recommended to pair it with black tea, which has a refreshing and friendly aftertaste. Pistachio Cake Amao Ichigo is priced at 200 yen.

GONCHA "Pistachio Cake Amao Strawberry
Pistachio Cake - Amaou Strawberry


Financier "Mango Financier" is a moist and smooth dough financier made with rich, sweet and sour mango. It is especially recommended to enjoy it with straight tea. It is especially suitable for pairing with Earl Grey tea, which has a rich flavor of bergamot that goes well with the richness of mango. The mango financier is priced at 200 yen.

Gong Cha "Mango Financier
Mango Financier


Cake The new "Pineapple Cake" is a renewed version of a Goncha classic. The richly flavored cookie dough with butter kneaded into it has a soft and flaky texture that balances well with the smooth, sweet and sour pineapple jam. It is made to pair well with all of Gong Cha's teas, but is especially recommended to be paired with "Alishan Oolong Tea. The pineapple cake is priced at 230 yen.

Gong Cha "Pineapple Cake"
pineapple cake


Melon Pan "Shayaki Melon Pan" is made with pork belly that has been marinated in a special sauce overnight and grilled. The combination of cookie dough and sweet and salty red bean paste is tailored to go well with Gong Cha tea.

Pairing is recommended with "Chai Milk Tea," whose spices such as cinnamon and ginger complement the main course, or with "Oolong Tea," which has a subtle sweetness and a savory aroma if you prefer to taste it straight from the tea. The fork melon bread is priced at 350 yen.

Gong Cha "Forked Melon Buns"
Fork-roasted melon bread

Among the existing food menu items, "Egg Tart," "Egg Tart Caramel," and "Sugar Doughnut" will continue to be sold. Egg Tart Pearl & Peach and Egg Tart Milfo & Strawberry will be discontinued on March 1, 2023. The contents of the products will differ depending on the store.