Gong Cha "Strawberry Apricot Milk Tea" and "Strawberry Apricot Frozen Tea
Strawberry apricot milk tea, strawberry apricot frozen tea

Gong Cha

Strawberry Apricot Milk Tea and Strawberry

Apricot Frozen Tea Gong Cha will introduce a limited time menu "Strawberry Apricot Milk Tea" and "Strawberry Apricot Frozen Tea" from March 9, 2023. The tea will be available at all stores except the Gifu Matamaru store from March 16, 2023.

Strawberry Apricot Milk Tea

This flavor was popular in 2022. The strawberry apricot topping, with its fleshy, bright red texture, is still sweet and sour and melts in your mouth, but for 2023 it has been made even more refreshing. The base tea is " Jasmine Green Tea" with a gorgeous aroma. It is described as the perfect dessert tea for the spring season.

ICED and M size are priced at 580 yen (tax included, same as below).

Gong Cha "Strawberry Apricot Milk Tea".
Strawberry apricot milk tea

Strawberry Apricot Frozen


"Strawberry Apricot Frozen Tea" combines fragrant strawberry apricot and sweet and sour strawberry sauce to create a cool, smooth, slightly crunchy, and gentle taste. The medium size is priced at 600 yen.

Gong Cha "Strawberry Apricot Frozen Tea".
Strawberry apricot jelly Frozen tea


Apricot Topping "Strawberry Apricot Topping" can be added to other ICED drink menu items. The melt-in-your-mouth apricot bean curd is topped with a sweet and sour strawberry sauce. Combined with a cup of milk tea, the dessert-like texture of this topping can be enhanced dramatically. The price is 90 yen.

Gong Cha "Strawberry Apricot Topping"
Strawberry apricot topping

In conjunction with the launch of Strawberry Anjin Milk Tea and Strawberry Anjin Frozen Tea, the Shinjuku Milord and Arche Omiya stores will stop selling the "Rich Chocolate Milk Tea & Frozen Tea" and "Banana Milk Tea" until mid-March 2023.