Gong cha "Magic "Taro" Win Party Milk/Frozen

Gong cha

"Magic Taro


Party Milk/Frozen"

Gong cha will sell "Magic Taro Win Party Milk/Frozen," a Halloween version of its classic "Taro Milk" menu item, for a limited time only starting October 19. The limited time offer will be on sale from October 19. It will be available until October 31.


Taro Win Party Milk (ICED)

The bright purple Taro Milk has sweet and sour strawberry sauce and smooth milk foam along the perimeter of the cup, topped with a crunchy cookie crunch. The "purple, red, and black" Halloween colors really set the mood.

GONCHA "Magic Tarowin Party Milk (ICED)"

Magic Taro Win Party Frozen

You can feel the gap between the appearance and the gentle taro sweetness. The rich, full-bodied milk foam and cookie crunch blend together to complement the cool frozen treat. Recommended for Halloween party drinks.

Gong Cha "Magic Talloween Party Frozen"


Size: M size only
Retail price: Magic Taroween Party Milk 610 yen, Magic Taroween Party Frozen 630 yen (both including tax)

Up to 2 additional toppings allowed for both of the above 2 products.

The amount of ice cannot be changed for either item.
The amount of ice cannot be changed for both items.
Delivery service is not available.