Gong Cha "Luxurious Ripe Mango Milk Tea

Gong Cha will introduce "Luxurious Ripe Mango Milk Tea" as a limited-time menu item. This milk tea is said to offer a rich mango flavor and will be available from October 17. It will be available in ICED and M sizes and will be priced at 640 yen (tax included). Up to three additional toppings are available.

Gong Cha Luxurious Ripe Mango Milk Tea

The "Mango Jewelry Milk Tea" from the "Traveling Gong Cha" series, which was introduced as a limited-time menu item in 2021, was so popular that there were requests for its return, so an improved version will be available again.

Like the Mango Jewelry Milk Tea, it is based on a milk tea made with green tea and jasmine green tea, which is brewed in stores and fragranced with layers of jasmine flowers, but with an increased amount of mango sauce with pulp to give it a richer taste and aroma. The Mango Jewelry Milk Tea is a new version of the Mango Tea.

The Mango Jewelry Milk Tea, of course, has 1.7 times more mango sauce than the standard "Mango Alishan Teaade," and is said to have the largest amount of mango sauce on Gong Cha's menu to date, allowing customers to experience the rich flavor of ripe mangoes.