LAWSON "Milk Mochi (Thickened Nerimilk Strawberry)

Lawson's New Sweets and Breads to be Released on May

14 Lawson's new sweets and breads to be released on May 14 will be introduced here. Milk Mochi (Thickened Condensed Milk with Strawberry) 4 pieces" and "Chocolate Terrine & Whip" will be on sale.

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Milk Mochi

(Thickened Condensed Milk with Strawberry) 4 pieces

LAWSON "Milk Mochi (Thickened Nerimilk Strawberry)

Milk Mochi with a smooth texture is combined with thickened condensed milk and strawberry sauce. Price: 268 yen.

Chocolate terrine & whipped cream

Lawson "Chocolatelaine & Whip

An easy-to-eat, moist and smooth terrine with whipped cream. Price: 268 yen.

An Croissant

Lawson "An Croissant

A croissant filled with sweetened sweet bean paste. Priced at 138 yen.

Fluffy Pancake Maple & Margarine 2 pieces

Lawson "Fluffy Pancakes Maple & Margarine 2-pack

Maple and margarine sandwiched between soft and fluffy dough. Price: 127 yen.

Oimo Whipped Sandwich

Lawson "Oimo Whipped Sandwich

A sweet sandwich with whipped cream from Hokkaido combined with sweet potato bean paste. Price: 343 yen. Available at Lawson and Natural Lawson stores in the Kanto, Niigata and Chubu regions.

Uchicafe Strawberry Shaved Ice with Fruit Sauce

LAWSON "Uchicafe Strawberry Shaved Ice with Fruit Sauce

This product uses 21% strawberry juice and pulp, and the strawberry pulp sauce is spread all over the product. It has a refreshing taste that allows you to enjoy the texture of the fruit pulp and shaved ice in abundance. The price is 235 yen.

Minty Mashi-Mugi Chocolate Mint

Lawson "Mint Increase Mugi Chocolate Mint".

Crunchy and fluffy chocolate mint flavored barley chocolate. Price: 148 yen.

Choco Mint Flavor Konbari Rusk

Lawson "Choco Mint Flavor Konbari Rusk

Choco mint flavor rusks with a fresh aroma. Price: 130 yen.

Tokushima Sangyo Wasanbon Kobo Beni Imo (Red Sweet Potato

Tokushima Sangyo Wasanbon Koubou Spoon-eat Beni Imoimo

A cup dessert made from Okinawan red potatoes and finished with wasanbon sugar. The price is 198 yen.

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