Yayoiken "Sukiyaki Set Meal

Sukiyaki Set Meal," a

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Yayoiken Starting November 2, Yayoiken will offer three new items: the "Sukiyaki Set Meal," which features beef and vegetables simmered in a sweet soy sauce sauce; the "Meat Increase Sukiyaki Set Meal," with double the beef; and the "[To go] Sukiyaki" item.

Sukiyaki Set Me

al: A winter staple with

beef and vegetables simmered in a rich, sweet soy sauce sauce

. The first dish is the "Sukiyaki Set Meal," which is very popular every year. This set meal is designed to enjoy both beef and vegetables to the fullest, and provides half of the daily requirement of vegetables, which are in season during the winter and packed with flavor. The sukiyaki sauce is a blend of three types of honjozo soy sauce and hon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking rice wine), giving it a sweet, flavorful taste. Beef and seasonal vegetables soaked in the sauce are served with our freshly cooked rice. A raw egg gives the dish a mellow and different taste. The price is 930 yen (tax included).

Yayoiken "Sukiyaki Set Meal

Meat Increase


Set Meal The "Meat Increase Sukiyaki Set Meal" is recommended for those who want to enjoy beef to the fullest. With twice as much beef as usual, it is a satisfying meal. The price is 1,350 yen.

Yayoiken "Sukiyaki Set Meal

To go] S

ukiyaki priced at 880 yen.

Yayoiken "Sukiyaki Set Meal