Hotto Motto "Beef Sukiyaki

Hotto Motto

"Beef Sukiyaki"

Hotto Motto restaurants will start selling "Beef Sukiju", a reasonably priced beef sukiyaki winter feast, standard "Beef Sukiyaki Bento", and "W Beef Sukiyaki Bento (double meat)" with double the amount of beef from November 2, 2012. The authentic beef sukiyaki is available in a "rice bowl" type served on rice or in a standard "nabe" type, allowing customers to enjoy it as they like.

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Hotto Motto's "Beef Sukiyaki" is an authentic dish consisting of beef, tofu, Chinese cabbage, onions, shirataki (noodles), and other meat and vegetables simmered in a special sauce made from honjozo soy sauce, sugar, and mirin.

Beef Sukiyaki Stack

Hotto Motto "Beef Sukiju
Bowl type: Beef suki-jyu 590 yen

Sukiyaki is served on a bed of rice. The sweet and spicy meat and vegetables are a perfect match with the rice. The optional sauce for the beef sukiyaki is also a key to its deliciousness. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same as below).

Beef Sukiyaki Bento

Hotto Motto "Beef Sukiyaki Bento
Hot pot type beef sukiyaki bento 680 yen

A simple way to enjoy sukiyaki. Priced at 680 yen.

W Beef Sukiyaki Bento (Double Meat

Hotto Motto "W Beef Sukiyaki Bento (Double Meat)
One-pot type W-gyu sukiyaki bento (double the meat) 920 yen

A beef sukiyaki bento with twice the amount of beef. The price is 920 yen.

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