Ootoya "Charcoal Grilled Fresh Sanma

Otoya will be offering "Charcoal Grilled Fresh Sanma". It will be available for pre-sale at the Yokohama Joynas, Ikebukuro East Exit, Roppongi, and Mitaka South Exit branches from September 26. The start date for sales at all stores will be announced later.

Ootoya Char Grilled Fresh Sanma

Ootoya "Charcoal Grilled Fresh Sanma

According to Ootoya, the fishing season for Pacific saury has been poor recently, and the 2022 season is expected to be just as difficult as the previous year.

The fish will be shipped directly from the port of landing to the stores without passing through the market. It is announced that the biggest and largest caught fish of the year have been selected. The fish is shipped directly from the port and grilled over charcoal to give it a unique savory flavor and crispy surface. It can be enjoyed as a seasonal delicacy. In some stores, it is cooked over an open fire.

It is also served with freshly grated daikon. The grated daikon produces a pungent flavor that enhances the fat content of the fish.

The set meal for one saury is 980 yen (tax included, same as below), or 830 yen for a single fish; the set meal for two saury is 1,380 yen, or 1,230 yen for a single fish.