Matsuya Grand menu renewal

Matsuya's grand menu will be revamped on May 2 at 2 p.m. The new standard menu items are "Gorokoro Stewed Chicken Curry," "Sauteed Chicken with Generous Shariapin Sauce," and "Grilled Negi-Shio Chicken" (except at some locations).

Matsuya Grand Menu Revamp

In December 2019, the standard curry menu was changed from "Original Curry" to "Founding Beef Curry". This time, sales of the much-loved "Founding Beef Curry" will be suspended and "Original Curry" will once again be the standard menu item. Among the curries using the original curry sauce, "Gorokoro Stewed Chicken Curry," a menu item that has become popular every time it is reintroduced to the market, is now available as a regular menu item. The amount of curry sauce in a standard serving will be increased from the time of sale.

Chicken sautéed in a rich shaliapin sauce" and "Grilled chicken with leek salt set meal" are also available as regular menu items. The "Plenty of Shaliapin Sauce" is a hearty dish with the delicious flavor of onions and garlic simmered until amber, and the "Negi-Shio Chicken Grill" is a perfect combination of plenty of green onions and special sauce, which will surely make your meal go further.

Matsuya "Negi-Shio Chicken Grilled Set Meal
Negi-shio Chicken Grilled Set Meal

The set menus, rice sets, and morning set menus come with a choice of four sizes of rice (small, medium, large, and extra large) at a single price. In fact, you can enjoy Matsuya's delicious rice to the fullest by changing the size of rice to a large or special serving for free.

Matsuya "Sautéed Chicken with plenty of Shaliapin Sauce"
Rice set with sautéed chicken in a rich shaliapin sauce

Items that will be available as part of the regular menu
Stewed Chicken Curry 630 yen
Chicken sauteed in a rich shaliapin sauce set meal: 730 yen (W) 1,130 yen
Rice set with sauteed chicken in a rich shaliapin sauce: 670 yen (W) 1,070 yen
Negi-Salt Chicken Grilled Rice Set 730 yen (W) 1,130 yen
Negi-Salt Chicken Grilled Rice Set 670 yen (W) 1,070 yen

Matsuya Grand menu renewal

Take-out available. Miso soup is not included in the takeout, but can be purchased separately for 60 yen.
All prices include tax. Tax included prices are the same for both in-store and take-out.
The beef curry that was used in the establishment will no longer be available.