Matsuya "Hamburger steak set meal with grated leek

Matsuya will release "Negi Oroshi Hamburger Steak Set Meal", "Negi Negi Shio Chicken Grilled", and "Negi Negi Shio Pork Yakiniku Donburi" on August 2 at 10:00 a.m. The "Pork Yakiniku Teishoku" and "Pork Ginger Yakiniku Teishoku" will be renewed.

Negi-Oroshi Hamburger Steak Set

A refreshing menu perfect for summer. It is served with a combination of crunchy all-purpose special green onion sauce and grated daikon.

Matsuya "Hamburger steak set meal with grated leek

Yakiniku Pork Set Meal

Pork ginger yakiniku set meal

About a year and a half has passed since February 2021, when all the meat on the regular pork yakiniku menu was changed to "thick cut pork yakiniku". The "pork shoulder yakiniku set meal" and "pork shoulder ginger yakiniku set meal" will be back.

Matsuya "Pork Shoulder Yakiniku Set Meal

Negi Negi Salt Pork Yakiniku Donburi

Negi Negi-Shio Chicken Grill

Negi Negi-Shio Pork Yakiniku Don" and "Negi Shio Chicken Grilled Set Meal" will also be available, with the pork salt sauce of "Negi Shio Pork Yakiniku Don" and "Negi Negi-Shio Chicken Grilled Set Meal" replaced with green onion sauce.

Matsuya "Negi Negi-Shio Chicken Grill

Prices are the same for both in-store and to-go, including tax. Miso soup is not included in the to-go set, but can be purchased separately for 60 yen.

Hamburger steak set with grated leeks: 780 yen
Hamburger steak and rice set with grated leeks: 720 yen
Yakiniku set meal: 650 yen / (W) 1,050 yen
Pork yakiniku rice set: 590 yen/(W) 990 yen
Pork with ginger set meal: 730 yen/(W) 1,130 yen
Pork with ginger rice set: 670 yen/(W) 1,070 yen
Negi Negi-Shio Chicken Grill Set: 750 yen/(W)1,150 yen
Negi Negi Shio Chicken Grilled Rice Set: 690 yen/(W)1,090 yen
Negi-negi shio pork grilled rice bowl 590 yen / (large portion) 730 yen

Matsuya "Negi-Origori Hamburger Steak Set," "Negi-Negi-Shio Chicken Grilled," "Negi-Negi-Shio Pork Yakiniku Donburi," "Pork Shoulder Yakiniku Set," "Pork Shoulder Ginger Steak Set

The new items will be released sequentially as the thick-cut pork yakiniku is sold out, so the release date and time may vary depending on the store.
Matsuben net and Matsuya Mobile Order will be available for ordering from 10:00 a.m. on August 2.

From August 2 at 10:00 a.m. to August 9 at 10:00 a.m., 100 points will be given to customers who order "Negi-Oroshi Hamburger Steak" through Matsuben Net.

The date and time for the campaign is based on the date and time of receipt.
Matsuya Mobile Order is not eligible for the "100 point present" campaign.
100 points will be given for every purchase of the menu items during the campaign period.
Points will not be awarded for the use of discount coupons or service coupons.