Ikinari! STEAK "Ichibo Steak" "Ichibo Combo
(All images are from Ikinari! Steak official website)

Ikinari! STEAK will hold an "Ichibo Fair" on its official website. Ichibo Steak" and "Ichibo Combo", which is a rare part of beef that is soft and tasty, will be available from September 22 to October 31.

Ikinari! STEAK "Ichibo Steak" "Ichibo Combo

Ichibo Steak

Ichibo Steak" will again be sold at the Ikinari! Steak in the summer and winter of 2021, and the Australian "Ichibo" steak was very well received. The Australian "Ichibo Steak" is a low-calorie product, with only about 2 kg of it being harvested from a single cow. Prices are 1,190 yen for 150g (5.29oz), 1,590 yen for 200g (7.05oz), and 1,990 yen for 300g (10.58oz). It will not be sold in cut-to-order quantities.

Ichi Combo

The Ichi-Combo is a combination of a 100g (3.53oz) Ichibo steak and a 150g (5.29oz) hamburger steak. The selling price is 1,290 yen.

Both are available at all Ikinari! Steak restaurants, including the UENO3153 restaurant. However, limited quantities are available, and the offer will end while supplies last.