Ikinari! STEAK "Red Meat! Shoulder Roast Steak Fair"
Red meat! Shoulder steak (All images sourced from Ikinari! Steak official website)

Ikinari! STEAK, lean! Shoulder Loin Steak Fair

Ikiinari! Steak will hold "Akami! Steak" will be held from March 15, 2023 to May 31, 2023.

Ikinari! STEAK "Red Meat! Shoulder Roast Steak Fair".
Red meat! Shoulder steak fair


taste of lean meat that has been grass-fed and then grain-fed for more than 100 days

. Short grain fed AUSSIE BEEF Chuck Eye Steak," which has been on trial at some stores since February 27, will be expanded to all stores due to its popularity. It is marketed as the second leanest meat after the standard "Wild Steak.

After being grass-fed, the meat is grain-fed for more than 100 days to give it a lean flavor. The country of origin is Australia. Available all day for both lunch and dinner. Weekday lunch set including rice, salad, and soup is available on weekdays for an additional charge. The offer will end when all ingredients are sold out. Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Single item
・ 150g (5.29oz) 1,000yen
・ 200g (7.05oz) 1,280yen
・ 300g (10.58oz) 1,750yen
・ 450g (15.87oz) 2,290yen

Weekday lunch
・ 150g (5.29oz) 1,150yen
・ 200g (7.05oz) 1,430yen
・ 300g (10.58oz) 1,900yen
・ 450g (15.87oz) 2,440yen