Ikinari!STEAK “Frank Steak Fair”
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Suddenly! "Frank Steak Fair" will be held for steak. The fair menu will be available for a limited time from January 17th to March 6th and in limited quantities. The selling price is 1,650 yen for the 200g (7.05oz) size (tax included, the same applies below) and 2,350 yen for the 300g (10.58oz) size.

Flank steak fair

Ikinari!STEAK “Frank Steak Fair”

Frank is the part of the ribs "outer roses" near the belly of the cow. The popular part of yakiniku is made into steak this time. It is said that it is a lean meat from the United States that is rich but has no peculiarity and has a light taste.

Both lunch and dinner will be sold all day. However, it will end as soon as the stock runs out. The stores that handle it suddenly all over the country! steak. "Diner UENO3153 store" is also included. On the other hand, "AEON MALL Yahata Higashi" is excluded.

In addition, due to the policy of each local government based on the government announcement and the change of business hours of the commercial facility where it is located, some stores may be shortened or closed, so it will be displayed in the store information on the official website. It is said that the contents may differ from the actual ones.