Suddenly! Steak "Wagyu Random Cut Steak"
(The source of the image is suddenly! Steak official website)

Suddenly! It was announced on the official website that a new menu "Wagyu Random Cut Steak" has appeared on the steak. This is a limited quantity product and will end as soon as it runs out.

Wagyu beef cut steak

Considering the balance with beef tallow, which is the taste of Wagyu beef, it is introduced as a dish that uses three parts, "lamp", "ichibo", and "uchimomo", as moderately marbled lean meat. The selling price is 1,600 yen for the 120g size (tax included, the same applies below) and 2,100 yen for the 180g size.

Random topping steak

In addition, there will be a "Topping Random Steak" that you can enjoy in addition to other steaks. This is not available as a single item and you are instructed to order it with the iron plate menu. The selling price is 780 yen for 80g size.

Wagyu Random Cut Steak and Topping Random Steak are both sold all day for lunch and dinner. The stores that handle it suddenly, including "UENO3153 stores"! All steak stores.