Matsunoya "Karaage with Yuzu Kosho Sauce

Matsunoya and Matsunoya will launch the "Yuzu Kosho Sauce Fried Chicken" on August 17 at 3 p.m. (except for highway PA stores and Okinawa stores) as the third item in the "Summer Fried Chicken Love Festival".

Karaage with Yuzu Kosho Sauce

Matsunoya is currently holding a "Summer Karage Lover's Festival" to satisfy both children and adults with its popular fried food. Matsunoya's karaage is authentic deep-fried chicken that is slowly marinated in a special rubbing sauce made from ginger, garlic, and chicken broth, and then deep-fried to a crispy, juicy perfection.

Following the Yurin Chicken and Bibim Karaage Donburi, the third dish is the Yuzu Kosho Sauce Karaage, which fills the mouth with the aroma and flavor of yuzu pepper. The luxurious fried chicken topped with a refreshing and tangy yuzu kosho sauce will surely make your meal go faster. The unique and stimulating spiciness of the yuzu kosho enhances the deliciousness of the chicken. It is perfect as a salad without rice, or as a snack with mini-tomatoes and potherb mustard. It is also recommended for To go to accompany your home time.

Matsunoya "Karaage with Yuzu Kosho Sauce

Tax included prices for both in-store and To go are as follows. Miso soup for To go can be purchased separately for 60 yen.

Yuzu kosho sauce fried chicken set meal (4 pieces) 730 yen, (6 pieces) 890 yen, (9 pieces) 1,160 yen
Single dish: Fried chicken with yuzu kosho sauce (4 pieces) 490 yen, (6 pieces) 650 yen, (9 pieces) 920 yen

Matsunoya "Karaage with Yuzu Kosho Sauce

Free rice refill for set menus" service at 170 Matsunoya restaurants nationwide. You can enjoy as many servings of safe and secure rice made from domestically produced rice as you like.