Matsunoya "Bibin Karaage Donburi

Bibin Karaage Donburi" will be available at Matsunoya and Matsunoya. It is a collaboration menu of "Pork Bibin-don" (pork bibin-don) and Matsunoya's fried chicken. The price is 690 yen (tax included, same below). In addition to eat-in, To go is available for the same price. Miso soup is included with the eat-in menu, but a separate charge of 60 yen will be added for To go if miso soup is included.

Matsunoya Bibin Karaage Donburi

Matsunoya "Bibin Karaage Donburi

This is the second installment of the "Summer Karage Lover's Festival. The dish is presented as a bowl of rice topped with both mayonnaise and karaage, and is a favorite of Matsuya's longtime seller "Pork Bibin-don" (pork Bibin-don). The fried chicken is marinated in a special sauce made with ginger, garlic, and chicken broth, and deep-fried to a crispy, juicy perfection.

The stimulating kimchi is mellowed by the mild mayonnaise. The combination of pork and kimchi with karaage on top has been described as a "devil's bowl.

It is available at 131 Matsunoya and Matsunoya restaurants nationwide, with some exceptions. However, it is not sold at stores with Matsuya or Maikari Shokudo.