Tsukiji Gindako "KUJO Negi Mayo Aromatic Yuzu Pon

Tsukiji Gindako Kujo Negi Mayo Scented

Yuzu P

on Tsukiji Gindako will release a new limited-time menu item, "Kujo Negi Mayo Scented Yuzu Pon" on April 18. The product will go on sale on April 18, 2012, and will be sold in boats of eight, priced at 734 yen (tax included, tax rate and price will differ for in-store consumption).

Kujo Negimayo

Aromatic Yuzu Pon

"Premium Negimayo Series" A new version of Kujo Negimayo will be available for a limited time only. The new "Kujo Negi Mayo Aromatic Yuzu Ponzu Pon" is based on a "special yuzu ponzu sauce" using "Kigashira Yuzu" produced in Naga Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which is characterized by its mellow aroma and refreshing sourness, and is colorfully mixed with "Kujo Negi," which has a crispy texture and flavor, "Yuzu Flakes" and "White Sesame. and white sesame seeds.

In addition, a sachet of "Special Yuzu Ponzu Sauce," which was developed for finishing the dish just before eating, is available. Pouring it on just before eating enhances the refreshing sourness and elegant aroma of the Kigashira Yuzu and allows you to enjoy the "refreshingly delicious" taste all the way through! " flavor to the very end. This is a "luxurious gem" perfect for this season.