MUJI "Chestnut Pound Cake" and other chestnut sweets

MUJI will launch a new product "Chestnut Pound Cake" using seasonal ingredient chestnuts and 10 other chestnut-based confectionery items: "Chestnut Cream Sandwich Cookies," "Chestnut Bite Croissant," "Chestnut Marshmallow," "Chestnut Roll Cake," "Chestnut Cut Baum," "Chestnut Petit Cake," "Chestnut Torayaki with Mochi," Chestnut Manju", "Chestnut Daifuku", and "Unmatched Marron Baum" will be on sale.

These limited time-only products, which allow customers to enjoy the taste of seasonal ingredients, will be available at MUJI stores nationwide from August 17 and at the MUJI online store from August 18 (* Only chestnut marshmallows will go on sale on August 19).

Chestnut Pound Cake

Pound cake baked to a fluffy texture so that the gentle aroma and sweetness of chestnuts can be felt. The cake comes in packs of five, so it can be shared with family and friends. The price is 490 yen (tax included).

Other items in the lineup are as follows

Chestnut cream sandwich cookies 120 yen
Chestnut croissant 290 yen
Chestnut marshmallow 250 yen
Chestnut roll cake 390 yen
Chestnut cut baum 350 yen
Chestnut petit cakes 190 yen
Chestnut torayaki with mochi 190 yen
Chestnut buns 390 yen
Chestnut Daifuku 250 yen
Uneven marron baum 150 yen

MUJI "Chestnut Pound Cake" and other chestnut sweets