Seijo Ishii's homemade "Shimanto Chestnut Pound Cake
(All images are sourced from Seijo Ishii's official website)

Seijo Ishii's homemade sweet "Shimanto Chestnut Pound Cake" is now available, announced on the official website. Customers can apply for reservation through "Seijo Ishii Web Reservation Service" from October 14 to 27, and receive it at designated stores from October 28 to November 3. The selling price is 2,150 yen per bottle (tax included).

Seijo Ishii Shimanto Chestnut Pound Cake

Seijo Ishii's homemade "Shimanto Chestnut Pound Cake

This is one of the sweets appearing in conjunction with Seijo Ishii's " Hoku Hoku Hoku Autumn Taste Fair. Shimanto Jiguri" brand chestnuts produced in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, are used, as they are scarce and highly valued.

The chestnuts have a high sugar content, and the amount of sugar is kept to a minimum so that the sweetness of the chestnuts can be tasted. The pound dough is moist and aromatic, and almond powder and coconut cream are added so that the taste of chestnuts never gets boring.

The richly flavored Mont Blanc cream on top is also made with shimanto and local chestnuts, and it is said that no unnecessary ingredients were added to bring the taste of chestnuts to the forefront so as not to overpower the pound dough. Toppings include walnuts, chocolate rochette and white chocolate.

Orders can also be placed through Seijo Ishii's official online store,, from October 14 to 27, and will be shipped sequentially from October 28. However, a separate delivery fee will be charged.