Starbucks New Foods: Second installment of the Fall season, including Pumpkin Basque Cheesecake and Marron Pound Cake.

Starbucks New Foods Fall Season #2 Fall 2023

A roundup of the second round of Fall Season foods available from Starbucks! Sustainable food made with matcha and pumpkin grown with taihei, recycled coffee bean dregs, and pumpkin basque cheesecake, the perfect accompaniment to coffee, are just a few of the seasonal flavors that will be available. The launch date is September 27. The lineup includes.

Pumpkin Basque Cheesecake


: A smooth basque cheesecake made with pumpkin, a fall delicacy. The base of the cake is made with a crunchy barley cookie dough. The price is 520 yen (tax included, same as below).

Starbucks "Pumpkin Basque Cheesecake (re-released)"

Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake


Sweet potato chiffon cake with a rich sweet potato flavor. The sweet potato chiffon cake is made with sweet potato chiffon batter covered with whipped cream and sweet potato cream squeezed over the top of the wave. The price is 455 yen.

Starbucks "Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake (re-released)

Marron Pound Cake (re-released)

Chestnut lovers will love this pound cake filled with chestnuts. The pound cake batter is filled with marron paste and topped with marron cream. The price is 390 yen.

Starbucks "Marron Pound Cake (re-released)

Mochiri-Ball Matcha & Pumpkin Milk

A bite-size baked cake of matcha and pumpkin with a delightful crunchy texture. The matcha (100%) and some of the pumpkin used in the pumpkin milk cream are grown with manure made from recycled Starbucks coffee bean grounds. The price is 370 yen.

Starbucks "Mochiri Balls - Green Tea & Pumpkin Milk

Almond Croquettes

: A crunchy Danish croquette baked with a candied almond filling. The price is 320 yen. Available only at select stores.

Starbucks "Almond Croccan

Clubhouse Sandwich Ishigama Campagne (renewal)

A luxurious sandwich with a variety of ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, and smoked bacon, as well as a larger portion of roasted chicken, making it more satisfying. The sauce is made with mustard mayo sauce and mayonnaise. Price: 570 yen.

Starbucks "Clubhouse Sandwich Ishigama Campagne (renewal)

Prosciutto Ham & Mozzarella Cheese Salad Wrap (Renewal)

This salad wrap features the delicious taste of prosciutto ham and the richness of mozzarella cheese. The salad portion is filled with a variety of ingredients such as tomato potato salad, purple cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, grain salad, and herbs. The price is 525 yen.

Starbucks "Prosciutto & Mozzarella Cheese Salad Wrap (Renewal)