Volks "Curry with everything on top"

Curry Festa" will be held at Volks. Custom Curry (with a choice of three toppings and salad bar)" and "Curry with All the Toppings" will be available. The fair, which was previously limited to 10 stores, will be expanded to all stores from August 10.

Custom Curry (with choice of 3 toppings and salad bar)

Volks "Curry with everything on top"

The "Custom Curry (with 3 toppings and salad bar)" allows you to choose 3 toppings from a total of 17 different toppings. The aroma of spices can be enjoyed along with the appetizing summer curry. The price starts at 1,650 yen (tax included, same as below).

Toppings available at no extra charge include fried egg, cheese, fluffy egg, mango, bacon, sausage, half chicken, rice croquette, fried shrimp, fried young chicken, fried oysters, and hamburger steak.

Toppings available for an additional 110 yen are "80g (2.82oz) sirloin steak," "80g (2.82oz) misji steak," "80g (2.82oz) filet steak," "lamb chops," and "black tiger.

You can choose four or more toppings, but each additional topping is charged separately.

Curry with all toppings

Volks "Curry with everything on top"

Zenkitonose Curry" is a menu item with a total weight of over 1.5 kg, with all 17 types of toppings, emphasizing appearance, content, and volume. It is served on a special platter and can be shared by up to three people. It can be shared by up to three people and can be enjoyed with family and friends. The price is 5,258 yen, including a salad bar for one person.