Famima "Butter-scented baked cheese tart - using four kinds of cheese

Butter-Scented Baked Cheese Tart - Using Four Kinds of Cheese" will be available at Family Mart. This grilled cheese tart features four kinds of cheese at once: cream cheese, Gouda, Camembert, and Parmesan, with a delightful almond topping.

Butter-Scented Baked Cheese Tart - with 4 kinds of cheese

The Butter-Scented Baked Cheese Tart - With Four Kinds of Cheese is a rumbling looking cheese tart topped with two almonds and cubes of cheese. The cheese filling for the cheese tart is a blend of Gouda and Camembert cheese with a base of Danish cream cheese. By topping it with Parmesan cheese before baking, the rich flavor of the four cheeses can be enjoyed. In addition, almonds add an extra accent.

Famima "Butter-scented baked cheese tart - using four kinds of cheese

The cheese tart dough is made with rich butter made from 100% raw milk produced in Hokkaido. It is as rich in flavor as the cheese.

Available at FamilyMart stores nationwide from July 26 (August 2 in Okinawa Prefecture). The price is 198 yen (tax included).