LAWSON "Marron Glace Tart


Sweets to be Released on October 3】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

This page introduces new sweets to be released on October 3, 2023 at Lawson, including their prices and calories. This time, "Omo-san's Canulé", "Marron Glacé Tart", "Omo-san's Mochi Texture Roll (Red Haruka)", "Häagen-Dazs My Sweet Sachertorte", etc. will appear.

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Oimo-san's Canulé

Lawson "Oimo-san no Kanure" (Cannulé by Oimo-san)

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. You can enjoy the sweetness and aroma of sweet potatoes. The price is 235 yen. Calories 160kcal.


Omoimo-san no Omo Daifuku" (sweet potato

Lawson "Oimo Daifuku" (sweet potato cake)

Daifuku with sweet potato filling and whipped topping. Price: 214 yen. Calories 179kcal.


Mochi Texture Roll (Red Har

LAWSON "OIMO-SAN's Mochi Texture Roll (Red Haruka)

A roll with a sticky texture made with red haruka (a type of sweet potato), perfect for the fall season. The price is 397 yen. Each package contains 552 kcal.

Marron Glace Tart

LAWSON "Marron Glace Tart

A tart topped with marrons glaces to enjoy the texture of chestnuts. Price: ¥246. Calories 341kcal.

White Souffle Cheesecake

Lawson "White Souffle Cheesecake

Souffle cheesecake with a soft and fluffy texture. Price: 214 yen. Calories 137kcal.

Juwa Bata Salted Melon Pan

LAWSON "Juwa Bata Salt Melon Pan

Melon bread with a buttery and salty flavor that spreads in your mouth and goes great with the crispy cookie dough. Price: 160 yen. Calories 461 kcal.

Twisted Doughnut Custard & Whip

LAWSON "Twisted Donut Custard & Whip

A moist, twisted doughnut sandwiched between custard and whipped cream. Price: 138 yen. Calories 340kcal.

Lotte Premium Ghana Chocolat Ice Cream [Pistachio & Raspberry] 76ml (2.57us fl oz)

LAWSON "Lotte Premium Ghana Chocolat Ice Cream [Pistachio & Raspberry] 76ml

Premium Ghana ice cream with crispy cacao-scented chocolate and raspberry sauce accented with a pleasantly sour taste. Price: ¥270. Calories 236kcal.

Haagen-Dazs My Sweet Sachertorte 91ml (3.08us fl oz)

LAWSON "Häagen-Dazs My Sweet Sachertorte 91ml

Richly flavored chocolate ice cream mixed with gently sour apricot sauce and moist chocolate cake, finished with a bittersweet chocolate coating on the top. Price: 383 yen. Calories 283 kcal.

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