Lawson "Cream Ohagi

Lawson New Arrival Sweets Summary

This page introduces the new arrival sweets to be released at Lawson on September 12, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Custard Eclair", "Chestnut Kinton/Imo Yokan", "Cream Ohagi", "Rare Cheese Tart", etc. will be available.

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Custard Eclair

Lawson "Custard Eclair

You can enjoy bitter chocolate and custard in this eclair. Price: 189 yen. Calories 261 kcal.

Chestnut kinton/potato Yokan

LAWSON "Chestnut Kinton/potato Yokan

Enjoy the taste of autumn with this set of chestnut kinton and taro yokan. The price is 268 yen. The calorie count is 62kcal for the kuri-kinton and 79kcal for the imo-yokan.

Cream o-hagi

Lawson "Cream Ohagi

A combination of o-hagi and cream. The texture of the rice balls and the cream are exquisite. Price: 243 yen. Calories 159kcal.

Rare Cheese Tart

LAWSON "Rare Cheese Tart

Rare cheese tart combines a crunchy tart and smooth cheese dough. Price: ¥192. Calories 231kcal.

Fuwamochi Coppe Anko & Margarine

LAWSON "Fuwamochi Coppe Anko & Margarine

A soft and fluffy dough with smooth bean paste and margarine sandwiched between two pieces of bread. Price: 138 yen. Calories 410kcal.

Fluffy Coppe Strawberry Jam & Margarine

LAWSON "Fluffy Coppé with Strawberry Jam & Margarine

Soft and fluffy dough with sweet and sour strawberry jam and margarine sandwiched between two pieces of bread. Price: 138 yen. Calories 407kcal.

2-Color Bread 4-Pack Chocolate & Custard

Lawson "2-Color Bread 4-Pack Chocolate & Custard

A pack of 4 pieces of two-color bread with two different tastes and excellent cost performance. Price: 149 yen. Calorie count is 104kcal per piece.

Custard Danish 4

Lawson "Custard Danish, 4 pieces"

A pack of 4 classic custard danishes, perfect for a snack. The price is 171 yen. Calories are 122kcal per piece.

Tokachi Butter Chocolate Chip Sticks 4pcs.

Lawson "Tokachi Butter Chocolate Chip Sticks 4pcs".

A 4-pack of Tokachi Butter Chocolate Chip Sticks, a multi-type of chocolate chip sticks that can be eaten like a snack. Price: 171 yen. Calories are 123 kcal per stick.

Fruit Sandwich Fruit Mix

LAWSON "Fruit Sandwich Fruit Mix

A fruit sandwich featuring strawberries, kiwi fruit and pineapple with whipped cream from Hokkaido. Price: 397 yen. Calorie content is 219kcal.

Uchicafé Rich Milk Bar 90ml (3.04us fl oz)

LAWSON "Uchicafé Rich Milk Bar 90ml

A milk-rich ice cream bar made with 40% domestic raw milk, allowing you to enjoy the original taste of the ingredients. The price is 192 yen. The calorie count is 134 kcal.

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