Jonathan "Fluffy Pure Ice Shaved Ice"


ice is a must-have during the hot season. Here is a collection of shaved ice from various brands that you will want to try in the summer of 2024.

Godiva's Chocolate Shaved

Ice Shaved ice with a luxurious taste using chocolate. The cold ice is topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips for texture, and fluffy chocolate cream. The rich taste of chocolate is matched by the refreshingly cold ice, making it perfect for the hot summer season.

Godiva's chocolate shaved ice

It will be on sale from July 12 to September 30. The price is 900 yen (tax included, same below). Available only at select Godiva stores.

Lotteria's Chilly Shaved Ice Shake

A new product that combines the "Lotteria Shake," which has been loved by many since its establishment in 1972, and shaved ice, a summer staple. The lineup includes "Shaved Ice Shake Blue Hawaii Ramune," which combines a ramune-flavored shake with Blue Hawaii shaved ice; "Shaved Ice Shake Strawberry Vanilla," which combines a slightly vanilla-flavored shake with strawberry shaved ice; and "Shaved Ice Shake Melon Melon" is the lineup.

Lotteria's cool shaved ice shakes

The product will be available from June 20 to late August (Melon Melon will be available from -July 17). Priced at 390 yen each.

Cocos "Pure Ice Fluffy Shaved Ice Fair"

Cocos' shaved ice is made by shaving pure ice into small pieces while adding air to make it as fluffy and smooth as that of specialty stores. The lineup includes the very popular "Shirokuma", new flavors "Tiramisu with Rum Flavor Raisin", "Pop Blue", "Strawberry", "Uji Kintoki", and "Mango with Apricot Tofu", as well as mini-sizes.

Cocos "Pure Ice Fluffy Shaved Ice Fair

They will be available from June 27 to early September. The price is 869 yen for all six regular sizes and 539 yen for all five mini sizes.

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Chun Shui Tang "Taiwan Shaved Ice Mango"

The shaved ice originated in Taiwan is called "snowflake ice" (shaved ice with snowflakes), and is characterized by various flavors kneaded into the ice. Shaved ice with a rich mango flavor is used, and the ice is shaved to a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is lavishly topped with plenty of mango, Aitama jelly, sticky tapioca, and fresh cream.

Chun Shui Tang "Taiwan Shaved Ice Mango

Available from June 14 to September 19. The price is 900 yen.

First Kitchen "Caramel Shaved Ice with Soft Serve":

Shaved ice topped with a generous amount of caramel sauce inside and out so that the rich flavor can be enjoyed all the way through. It combines popular flavors such as mango, celestial green tea, and coffee. Shaved ice like that of a sweet shop can be easily enjoyed at a fast food restaurant.

First Kitchen "Caramel Shaved Ice with Soft Serve

The product will be on sale from June 6 to late August. The price is 480 yen for a single item. Available at Wendy's First Kitchen and Fast Kitchen.

Jonathan's "Fluffy Pure Ice Shaved Ice" -

Fluffy pure ice shaved ice with no artificial flavors, thick sauce, and soft condensed milk miruku cream make an excellent combination. The lineup includes "Kumanotsumorinano" (879 yen), "Shaved ice with strawberries and condensed milk" (769 yen), and "Shaved ice with green tea and white bean curd" (879 yen). On sale from June 13 to September 4.

Jonathan "Fluffy Pure Ice Shaved Ice"

Shaved ice with

pistachio" and "Shaved ice with strawberry"

are rich shaved ice using Mini-Sofu's signature soft-serve ice cream as syrup, allowing customers to enjoy the richness of milk. The shaved ice, soft-serve ice cream, fluffy cream, and sauce filled with fruit pulp can be enjoyed in a variety of textures. Priced at 690 yen each.

Mini-Sofu "Shaved Ice Pistachio" and "Shaved Ice Strawberry

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