Cafe&Meal MUJI "Citrus Pound Cake
(Image source: Cafe&Meal MUJI official blog)

Citrus Pound Cake" from Cafe&Meal MUJI, which is affiliated with MUJI, has been announced on the official blog and will be available until mid-September. The price is 650 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe&Meal MUJI Citrus Pound Cake

This is Cafe&Meal MUJI's recommended dessert for this summer. Orange and passion fruit sauce is combined with whipped cream with fresh cheese and topped with fresh mango pulp.

The cake is baked with Japanese lemon peel mixed in, and the cheese whipped cream, citrus fruit, and mango are said to be a perfect match, with a refreshing flavor and a soft and flaky texture.

It is sold at Cafe&Meal MUJI, Cafe MUJI, and MUJI Diner Ginza in Japan. Cafe&Meal MUJI Minami-no-Sato is not included. In addition to eat-in, To go is also available. Please note that the product may be sold out, so please check the sales status at the store.