Aeon "Pear Almond Cake

Pear Almond Cake," "2-Layer Rich Gâteau Chocolat," and "Smooth Mouth Thick Baked Cheesecake" will go on sale on June 15 at approximately 800 Aeon, Aeon Style, Maxvalu, and other group stores. Handled in the frozen food section. Priced at 537.84 yen each (tax included).

This product is part of the "Topvalu Professional Cooking" series, which allows customers to enjoy the taste of a professional chef in the comfort of their own home. Under the supervision of the Royal Chief Chef, these authentic sweets are made with ingredients and a manufacturing process that maximizes their deliciousness.

Pear Almond Cake

A moist cake baked with a flavorful dough made with almond pudding, topped with half-size pears in syrup. Apricot jelly with kirsch liqueur, a distilled spirit of cherries, enhances the flavor of the pears.

Aeon "Pear Almond Cake

Rich gateau chocolat in two layers

Made from couverture chocolate with a gorgeous cocoa aroma. You can enjoy two different textures: the rich and smooth chocolatey texture of the chocolate dough and the firm texture of the cocoa dough.

Aeon "2-layer rich gâteau chocolat

Smooth and rich baked cheesecake

This cake is baked at high temperature using creamy and refreshingly sour Australian cream cheese. You can enjoy the richness and sweetness of the cheese. The outside has a firm texture and the inside is smooth.

Aeon "Smooth and Thick Baked Cheese Cake