Bourbon "divine banana" sweets


"Kami Banana" Sweets

Bourbon will release five new products on May 21, including "Alfort Kami Banana" made from "Kami Banana," a rare banana grown in Kagoshima Prefecture. The products will be available at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks.

The "divine banana," which can be eaten skin and all, is processed into a powder and used in chocolate and cream. The precious taste can be enjoyed with a wide variety of doughs. The package has a luxurious design with a golden color as its base color, creating a sense of luxury in its appearance.

Alfort Kami Banana

: A combination of chocolate kneaded with Kami banana powder and cocoa cookies. The taste of aromatic divine banana chocolate and bittersweet cocoa cookie can be enjoyed. Open price.

Bourbon "Alfort God Banana

Mini Banana Balm Roll

: Mini-sized cake rolls are rolled up and filled with fragrant banana cream. You can enjoy the taste of sweet cake batter and divine banana cream. Open price.

Bourbon "Mini Balm Roll God Banana

Elise Kami Banana

Aromatic banana cream wrapped in a light and crispy wafer. Open price.

Bourbon "Elise God Banana


divine banana Aromatic divine banana cream sandwiched between crispy and savory tasting gaufrettes. The light and gentle texture of the gaufrette enhances the taste of the divine banana cream. Open price.

Bourbon "Roanne God Banana

Chocolat Blancheur Divine Banana

A bite-sized cocoa-flavored langdosha cookie sandwiched between two pieces of Divine Banana chocolate. The divine banana chocolate, characterized by its elegant sweetness and aroma, has been made thicker to meet the needs of those who "want to enjoy more chocolate. You can enjoy the satisfaction of the chocolate with the crispy texture of the langdosha cookie. Open price.

Bourbon "Chocolat Blancheur Kami Banana

Kami Banana

Bananas are grown with care and love in Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture, with special attention paid to water, soil, and management. The bananas are grown in greenhouses, and each tree is carefully managed to produce bananas with a strong sweetness and flavor that can be eaten with the skin intact. The bananas are named "Kami Banana" by combining "Kami" and "banana" from the name of the cultivation area, "Temple, Kawabe-cho, Minami-Kyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Kami Banana is a registered trademark of the agricultural corporation Kami Banana Co: Ginza KOJI CORNER "KOJI PRINCESS (2 kinds of melon)" "2 kinds of melon shortcake" and other melon sweets!