Tasting Starbucks' New "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie".

Starbucks New Sweets "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie"

We actually tried the new sweets "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie" from Starbucks (Starbucks)! The price is 530 yen (tax included).

Aomori Benidama Custard


Pie "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie" is an apple pie that combines sweet and sour apples with a mild custard. The pie is made from 100% Aomori red yolks. The mildly sweet custard, apple preserve with a hint of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice), and buttery, caramelized filling are all wrapped in a pie crust. When heated, the rich apple flavor, softened custard, and crispy pie crust are enhanced.

Tasting Starbucks' New "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie".

The apple preserves are sweet and juicy! The sweetness of the apple flavor spreads as you bite into it. What a luxury! Then, the sweetness and richness of the melted custard is added. The spice accentuates the flavor.

Tasting Starbucks' New "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie".

The pie crust has a different texture, moist or crispy, depending on where you eat it! This dish is perfect with tea or coffee. How about this for an autumn snack?
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