Starbucks "Kiwifruit Rare Cheesecake

Starbucks will be offering a variety of sweet foods starting June 1. The theme for the second installment of the summer season is "Yori Dori Midori. The lineup includes "Kiwifruit Rare Cheesecake," "Almond Milk Green Tea Mousse," "Green Tea White Chocolate Scone," "Cinnamon Roll," "Sugar Donut," and "Caramel Cream Sandwich.

Kiwifruit Rare Cheese Cake

This summery dessert combines rare cheesecake with sweet and sour kiwi fruit. A crushed barley cookie is layered with a rich rare cheese layer and a mild whipped cream layer, topped with a kiwifruit filling and barley cookie. The kiwifruit adds a refreshing accent to the satisfyingly rich and flavorful rare cheese cake, making it a cake that will keep you coming back for more. Priced at 495 yen (tax included, same below).

Almond Milk Matcha Mousse

Starbucks "Almond Milk Matcha Mousse"

Matcha and almond milk are combined in this Plant Based Menu cake. Crushed graham crackers are topped with richly flavored matcha mousse and a layer of matcha almond milk whipped topping. The Kanoko Dainagon (dried red bean curd) adds an elegant accent to the cake. The deep flavor of the matcha is perfectly balanced with the savory aroma of the graham cracker and the mildness of the almond milk. This plant-based food is made with plant-based ingredients. Price: 485 yen.

Matcha White Chocolate Scone

Starbucks "Matcha White Chocolate Scone"

These scones have a light and crisp texture with a strong matcha aroma and flavor. White chocolate chunks are mixed into the matcha green tea scone dough and finished with a white coating. The deep taste of matcha green tea and the mild flavor of white chocolate are a perfect match. Price: 300 yen.

Cinnamon Roll

Starbucks "Cinnamon Roll

The cinnamon rolls that have been a favorite for many years have been renewed. It now has a satisfying volume and taste. The dough carefully rolled with cinnamon filling is slowly baked and topped with fondant filled with cream cheese. The soft and moist dough is perfectly balanced with the rich flavor of cinnamon and the rich fondant. The price is 355 yen.

Sugar Doughnut

Starbucks "Sugar Donut

Sugar doughnuts, a long-time favorite, are now on the Plant Base menu. The moist, chewy dough and gently sweet sugar glaze are a perfect match. Priced at 255 yen.

Caramel Cream Sandwich

Starbucks "Caramel Cream Sandwich"

A cream sandwich with a light and fluffy texture. The caramel cream is sandwiched between softly baked dough with almond pudding, meringue, and other ingredients. The dough is simple in flavor and light in texture so that the slightly bitter taste and smooth texture of the caramel cream can be enjoyed. The price is 225 yen.