Chateraise "Cool Chocolate Mint Parfait"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Check out 5 new Chateraise cakes at once! "Cool chocolate mint parfait" and "Lemon double fromage".

・ Fluffy souffle cheesecake A cake with plenty of cream cheese from Brittany, France. You can enjoy the texture that melts softly in your mouth. The richness of the cheese and the melting of the mouth make it a rich and timeless taste. The price is 200 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Fluffy Souffle Cheesecake"

・ Roll dessert cup that boasts eggs Squeeze custard cream into a cup sponge, and roll cake with custard cream and milk-flavored cream wrapped in a sponge that is softly baked with particular attention to eggs. The toppings are red gloves, kiwifruit, and orange. The price is 290 yen.

Chateraise "Egg Boasting Roll Dessert Cup"

・ Lemon double fromage baked cheese and rare cheese cream, two types of cheesecake with different textures are used. Baked cheese baked using French Brittany cream cheese, rare cheese cream with a smooth and refreshing acidity, and fresh cream with lemon peel candied as an accent are combined. The price is 280 yen.

Chateraise "Lemon Double Fromage"

・ Refreshing chocolate mint parfait A refreshing cake made from refreshing mint into cream and jelly to make a parfait. Peppermint whipped cream that brings out the refreshing scent of peppermint, peppermint jelly using French mint spirit, and whipped cream are layered. The topping is a classic chocolate using sour lemon jelly and Belgian couverture chocolate. The price is 370 yen.

Chateraise "Cool Chocolate Mint Parfait"

・ American cherry and strawberry premium shortcake A sponge with an almond-flavored fluffy texture that melts in the mouth. Fresh cream with plenty of milk and strawberry sandwiched. The price is 370 yen. The sale period is until June 30th.

Chateraise "American Cherry and Strawberry Premium Shortcake"