Chateraise "New Year Assorted Decorations"

Various "New Year's cakes" will be on sale for a limited time from December 28th to January 3rd, 2022 at each Chateraise store. "HAPPY NEW YEAR Fruit Long Decoration" "2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR Decoration" "New Year Assorted Decoration" "Cute Zodiac Pudding A La Mode" "Kamasa Cake Strawberry Classic Chocolat" "Kamasa Cake Uji no Kaze" "Kamasa Cake Cute Tora-chan Cake" Is a lineup.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Fruit long decoration

Chateraise "HAPPY NEW YEAR Fruit Long Decoration"

A gorgeous decoration cake with whipped cream kagami mochi and New Year's decorations. Whipped cream, strawberry cream, and freeze-dried strawberries are sandwiched with a sponge. Strawberry-flavored cream is squeezed to finish, and colorful fruits (strawberry, apple, orange, kiwifruit, blueberry, mango syrup pickled) are abundantly decorated. The price is 4,320 yen (tax included, same below). The size is 39 cm in length.

2022HAPPY NEW YEAR decoration

Chateraise "2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR Decoration"

A decoration cake that uses plenty of colorful fruits and is finished with chocolate plates and New Year's decorations to make it look like New Year's. The sponge is sandwiched between whipped cream that melts in your mouth and fresh strawberries. The finish is squeezed with strawberry-flavored cream and decorated with colorful fresh fruits (strawberry, apple, orange, kiwifruit, blueberry). The price is 2,183 yen. The size is 14 cm in diameter.

New Year Assorted Decoration

Chateraise "New Year Assorted Decorations"

A decoration cake that you can enjoy 8 kinds of cakes at once, decorated with chocolate of the 2022 zodiac "tiger" and New Year's decorations. Strawberry milk, crispy chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate banana, matcha, mixed berries, rare cheese, and marron cakes are packed one by one. The price is 3,132 yen. The size is 18 cm in diameter.

Cute zodiac pudding a la mode

Chateraise "Cute Zodiac Pudding A La Mode"

A cute New Year's cake decorated with the 2022 zodiac "tiger" made of cream and chocolate. Custard cream with whipped cream is layered on a cocoa sponge, and mango cream tora, baked pudding, and fruits (orange, apple, kiwifruit, blueberry) are placed on it. The flavorful pudding of fresh eggs and the fresh taste of fruit spread throughout your mouth. The price is 453 yen.

Kamasa Cake Strawberry Classic Chocolat

Chateraise "Kamasa Cake Strawberry Classic Chocolat"

A rich classic chocolate that is firmly baked using Belgian sweet chocolate and pure cream. Squeeze the whipped cream that melts in your mouth and put sweet and sour strawberries that go well with classic chocolate on it for a gorgeous finish. The price is 399 yen.

Kamasa Cake Uji no Kaze

Chateraise "Kamasa Cake Uji no Kaze"

A Japanese-Western eclectic dessert where you can enjoy the rich flavor of Uji matcha and home-cooked bean paste. On top of the cookie, put Uji matcha mousse with black honey kinako bean paste and chestnut sweet bean paste, squeeze Uji matcha white chocolate cream, and decorate with chestnut sweet bean paste and chocolate plate like New Year. The price is 432 yen.

Kamasa Cake Cute Tora-chan Cake

Chateraise "Kamasa Cake Cute Tora-chan Cake"

A cute cake with the motif of the 2022 zodiac "tiger". Thick chocolate cream is layered on cereal chocolate and cocoa biscuits that have a pleasant crispy texture, and banana cream with banana sauce is placed on top. The finished product is perfect for children, with the tiger's face decorated with chocolate and cream. The price is 388 yen.