Chateraise "Momo Fair" sweets

Chateraise peach fair

"Momo Fair" will be held at Chateraise. Limited peach sweets using peaches from Yamanashi prefecture will be on sale from July 12th.

The fair limited products are as follows. All prices do not include tax.

Yamanashi white peach cake

A cake with custard cream and rare cheese cream layered on top of strawberry sauce and strawberry jelly, and plenty of juicy Yamanashi white peaches. Seasonal ripe peaches harvested by contract farmers in Yamanashi Prefecture are used fresh with skin, and you can enjoy the rich sweetness and aroma of peaches. 500 yen.

Chateraise "Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach Cake"

Premium shortcake of white peach from Yamanashi prefecture

Premium shortcake made with luxurious white peaches from Yamanashi prefecture. A fluffy almond-flavored sponge made from fresh eggs, sandwiched between smooth cream and syrup-pickled white peaches from Yamanashi prefecture. 370 yen. * Yamanashi white peach is used only for the fruit meat part

Chateraise "Premium Shortcake of White Peach from Yamanashi Prefecture"

Entremets of plums from Yamanashi Prefecture

A refreshing dessert that combines seasonal Yamanashi plums and rich cream cheese. Yamanashi plum pulp and sweet and sour plum jelly are trapped in muscat jelly and placed on a smooth rare cheese cream using French cream cheese. 400 yen. * Yamanashi plums are used only for the fruit meat

Chateraise "Entremets of plums from Yamanashi Prefecture"

* Limited products can only be purchased at fair stores during the fair period (depending on each store). For details, refer to the official website.

In addition to limited-edition sweets, sweets with seasonal peaches are now available at Chateraise nationwide.

Using white peach from Yamanashi Prefecture Peach Melba

Cup sweets using fresh white peaches from Yamanashi prefecture. Raspberry jelly with white peach jelly is layered on almond pudding, and glitter jelly and pickled white peach syrup from Yamanashi prefecture are decorated. 300 yen. * Yamanashi white peach is used only for the fruit meat part

Chateraise "Peach Melba using white peach from Yamanashi Prefecture"

Round white peach cake

A cute cake with a round peach motif. White peach yogurt mousse with white peach flesh is finished like a peach and placed on a cheese-flavored almond tart. 300 yen.

Chateraise "Manmaru White Peach Cake"

White peach premium pudding from Yamanashi prefecture

A smooth pudding made from pure fresh cream from Hokkaido, specially bred eggs, and fresh milk, topped with a mellow scented white peach compote from Yamanashi prefecture. Accented with bittersweet caramel sauce. 190 yen.

Chateraise "Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach Premium Pudding"

Authentic Anmitsu White peach from Yamanashi prefecture

Anmitsu with white peach syrup pickled from Yamanashi prefecture, kiwifruit, home-cooked white bean paste, homemade shiratama, and salted beans (red peas). When combined with black honey, the flavor will be more pronounced. 250 yen.

Chateraise "Authentic Anmitsu Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach"

Chateraise PREMIUM GOLD White peach milk

White peach ice cream using fresh cream from Hokkaido, skim milk concentrate and carefully selected white peach puree from Yamanashi prefecture. A rich white peach sauce is contained in a marble shape. You can enjoy the juicy scent of white peach and the smooth melting of the mouth carefully prepared by our original low-temperature aging method. 210 yen for 1 piece, 730 yen for 4 pieces.

Chateraise "Chateraise PREMIUM GOLD White Peach Milk"

Seasonal drops White peaches from Yamanashi prefecture

A cool Japanese confectionery made by wrapping white peach dice cut from Yamanashi prefecture and white peach paste with puree in a smooth kudzu. The sweetness, acidity and aroma of white peach spread throughout your mouth. 240 yen for 3 pieces.

Chateraise "Seasonal Drops: White Peach from Yamanashi Prefecture"