Fujiya Confectionery "Sweetie Heart

Valentine's Day Sweets at Fujiya Conf

ectionery Store Valentine's Day sweets will be available at Fujiya Confectionery Store from mid-January. The "Smile Switch! / Let's give your love! Campaign" will start on January 20 (Fri.) to win original limited-edition goods for some of the Valentine's Day items.

Fujiya Smile Switch Department

Sweetie Heart

White chocolate mousse, cocoa sponge, pistachio ganache, and milk chocolate mousse are layered. The cute heart shape is a key point.

Fujiya Confectionery "Sweetie Heart

On sale on January 27. Price: 490 yen (tax included, same as below). Campaign product.

Choco x Banana Cake

: A rich chocolate banana cake using Sweet Ripe King banana paste. You can enjoy the marriage of chocolate and banana, as selected by the Smile Switch staff (decided through a poll on the official Twitter page of the Fujiya Confectionary Shop, in which users vote for ingredients that go well with chocolate).

Fujiya Confectionery "Together! Smile Switch! Chocolate x Banana Cake".

On sale on January 25. Price: 490 yen. Campaign product.

High cocoa chocolate and white chocolate double mille cre

pe. The mille crepe has a cute pattern on the cross section. You can taste the two delicious flavors of high cacao chocolate cream and white chocolate cream at once.

Fujiya Confectionery "Double milk crepe with high cocoa chocolate and white chocolate

On sale on January 27. Price: 460 yen. Campaign product.

Fujiya Retro Cafe Assortment

: An assortment of chocolates featuring three types of cakes and two types of drinks. The cute design of Peko-chan dressed as a staff member of a coffee shop makes it look as if you are in a traditional coffee shop.

Fujiya Retro Cafe Assortment" at Fujiya Confectionery Shop

The assortment includes 2 pieces of shortcake, 1 piece of chocolate cake, 2 pieces of Mont Blanc, 2 pieces of lemon squash, and 1 piece of green tea latte. Priced at 1,200 yen.

Fujiya Almond Gallery

An assortment of chocolates that allows you to enjoy the texture and aroma of almonds, with seven different arrangements, this product is a must for almond lovers. A small amount of alcohol is used.

Fujiya Almond Gallery" at Fujiya Confectionery Shop

The assortment includes one each of almond rocher (strawberry, orange, apple, raisin), one each of gianduja (sweet, milk), and two almond grain ganaches. Priced at 1,200 yen.

Milky Palette Chocolate

An assortment of 5 pieces each of milk chocolate and white chocolate filled with milky cream. The price is 540 yen.

Milky Palette Chocolate" at Fujiya Confectionery

Peco and Poco


, which were sold in cans in the past, have been reissued in a box type package. The retro-cute package is filled with Fujiya's chocolate products.

Fujiya Chocolate

The assortment includes one Parasol Chocolate (milk), two each of Look (strawberry and banana), two mini heart chocolates (peanut), and two almond chocolates. Priced at 500 yen.

Fujiya's Milky Pack

: 15 milky packs in a retro milk carton package. The lineup includes three different designs that make you want to collect them.

Fujiya's Milky Pack

On sale sequentially from mid-January. Priced at 324 yen.

Peko-chan Jumbo Pop Chocolate

Jumbo-sized stick chocolate available only for Valentine's Day and White Day. The size makes it ideal as a gift for children or as a friend's chocolate.

Peko-chan Jumbo Pop Chocolate

The assortment includes one jumbo Pop Chocolate and three heart-shaped chocolates. The price is 432 yen.

Smile Switch! / Let's give Daisuki wo, Campaign

A total of 1,500 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who apply for the campaign with a receipt for a total of 500 yen or more including tax for the target products (cakes) as one entry.

There are two courses of entry: Course A, "Make tomorrow smile. Course", 500 people will win an "original acrylic stand clock" with a key visual of Snow Man, who is the commercial character, printed on it, and in the "B" "Best, Happy! Course," 1,000 people will receive a "Smile Switch Club Selected Assortment of Candy & Party Set. Both of these limited-edition goods are only available through this campaign.

Original acrylic stand clock from Fujiya Confectionery Shop
Original acrylic stand clock

Fujiya Confectionery Smile Switch Department Selected Assorted Confectionery & Party Set
Smile Switch Department Selected Assorted Candy & Party Set

Web application period: January 20, 2023 (Fri.) 9:00 - March 5, 2023 (Sun.) 23:59
Postcard application period: January 20, 2023 (Fri.) - March 6, 2023 (Mon.) postmarked

[Receipt validity period]
January 20, 2023 (Fri.) - March 5, 2023 (Sun.) * Receipts outside this period are invalid.

Products subject to the campaign (cakes)
[Standard products]
"Premium Shortcake (Japanese strawberries)" / "Premium Chocolate Fresh Cake" / "Premium Mont Blanc (Kuma chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture)" / "Premium Thick Baked Cheese Cake" / "Premium Dark Green Tea Cake (using first-grade green tea from Kagoshima Prefecture)" / "Premium Matcha Cake" / "Premium Matcha Fruit Tart Kirakkira Fruit Tart" / "Roll Cake for Baumkuchen Lovers" / "Oven-Baked Double Cream Puff" / "Mille Crepe"

[Seasonal Products]
"Premium Roll Cake with Snow Falling Strawberries" / "Short Cake Jewel Box Series" (limited products from January 22 to the end of January / February 22 to the end of February) Chocolate x Banana Cake" (January 25) / "Sweetie Heart" (January 27) / "High Cacao Chocolate and White Chocolate Double Milky Crepe" (January 27) / "Peco Puffs (LOOK Banana Flavor)" (February 1) (available at supermarkets and convenience stores only) / "Peco Puffs (LOOK Almond Flavor)" (available at supermarkets and convenience stores only) / "Peco Puffs (LOOK Strawberry Flavor)" (available at supermarkets and convenience stores only) / "Koisuru Strawberry Smile Switch Tuncalon Various" (on sale from January 18 (sold at Ginza Mitsukoshi event from January 18 to February 14) / "Koisuru Petit Gateau Selection (9 pieces)" (sold at Ginza Mitsukoshi event from January 18 to February 14), etc.

* Some products may not be available in certain regions or stores, or may have a different release date.
Also available at some Fujiya restaurants.
The standard tax rate (10%) is applied to food and beverages at the eat-in space, and the prices differ from the listed tax-included prices.