Pastel "Tiramisu Pudding", "Panna Cotta & Charcoal Coffee Jelly

From June 1, Pastel will offer "Tiramisu Pudding" and "Panna Cotta & Charcoal Coffee Jelly" as "Father's Day Limited Edition Sweets" for Father's Day on June 19.

Tiramisu Pudding

Tiramisu Pudding," which was very popular last September, will be available again for three days only. The thick and smooth coffee pudding is topped with a sponge soaked in coffee syrup and mascarpone cream to create a tiramisu pudding. The mild sweetness of the cream can be felt in the subtle bitterness of the coffee.

Pastel "Tiramisu Pudding

Priced at 432 yen per piece (tax included). On sale from June 17 to 19.

Panna Cotta & Charcoal Coffee Jelly

Smooth panna cotta and coffee jelly are combined in this sweet. The milky and rich panna cotta goes perfectly with the bittersweet and refreshing coffee jelly. This coffee sweet with a slightly mature taste is recommended as a Father's Day gift.

Pastel "Panna Cotta & Charcoal Coffee Jelly

The price is 432 yen per piece (tax included). Available from June 1 to October 31.

All products are not available at AEON MALL Shin-Rifu Minamikan, the Outlet Hiroshima Store, and AEON MALL Okazaki Store.