Lawson "Buried Tiramisu Pudding".
All images are sourced from Lawson's official website.

Here are the new arrivals of sweets that will be available at Lawson stores from June 21. The lineup includes the following seven items. Availability may vary by region and store.

Crispy! Chocolate Cheese Bar

Crispy chocolate and smooth cheese dough melt together in one hand. The thick, crispy milk chocolate is covered with a rich, smooth cream cheese texture. Priced at 192 yen (tax included, same as below).

Lawson "Crispy! Chocolate Cheese Bar" (Japanese only)

Buried Tiramisu Pudding

A sweet treat that is both tiramisu and pudding. Smooth custard pudding made with premium eggs for a delicious custard, blended cream made with fresh Hokkaido cream, biscuit soaked in coffee syrup, and mascarpone cream are topped. Price: 343 yen.

Lawson "Buried Tiramisu Pudding".

Mochi Texture Roll with Cheese

You can feel the cheese in every bite of this sticky roll. Cheese paste cream and salty cheese cream with Gouda cheese are rolled with cheese-flavored sticky texture dough sprinkled with cheese powder and diced cheese. The diced cheese gives the rolls a cheesy texture and a savory cheese flavor. The price is 383 yen.

LAWSON "Gorotto Cheese Mochi Texture Roll

Kuzu Shake Strawberry

A new type of Kuzu Shake combining strawberries and milk. Crushed milk kuzu jelly is filled with strawberry milk jelly. The sweet and sour strawberry sauce is added as an accent to give it a refreshing aftertaste. The price is 300 yen.

Lawson "Crispy! Chocolate Cheese Bar" (Japanese only)

Uchicafe Japanese Fruits: White Peaches from Yamanashi Prefecture 80ml (2.71us fl oz)

A new product in Uchicaffe's popular series that combines the delicious taste of Japanese fruit with ice cream. Made with 35% fruit juice pulp. You can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture and mellow sweetness that only Yamanashi white peaches can offer. The price is 192 yen.

LAWSON "UCHICAFE Japanese Fruits: Yamanashi white peaches 80ml

Frozen Party Pistachio 240g (8.47oz)

Milk-flavored frozen topping with pistachio cream and topped with pistachio sauce and American pistachios. Price: 340 yen.

Lawson "Frozen Party Pistachios 240g"

Tokushima Sangyo Beni Imo - Okinawan Beni Imo 70g (2.47oz)

A cup dessert made from Okinawan red potatoes and finished with wasanbon sugar. The price is 198 yen.

LAWSON "Tokushima Sangyo Beni Imo (red sweet potato) made from Okinawan red potatoes 70g"