Aeon's Father's Day Sweets

Six Father's Day sweets from Aeon's "Select Sweets" series are on sale from June 15 to June 19. They will be available in the chilled dessert sections of up to 400 Aeon and Aeon Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku.

Aeon Father's Day Sweets

Cheers Pudding ~Cheese-Scented Beer-Style

A pudding made to look like beer with foam jelly on top. The pudding has a rich egg flavor and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The foam jelly is cheese-flavored, and when placed in the mouth, you can enjoy the texture of it melting in your mouth. Alcohol is not included. The price is 213.84 yen (tax included, same as below).

Aeon "Cheers Pudding - Cheese-scented beer style

Cheers Punch ~Tropical

Jelly made to look like sparkling wine by mixing air bubbles. Two layers of pineapple and passion jelly on the bottom and lychee jelly on top. This tropical jelly is sprinkled with fruits such as pink grapefruit, mango, kiwi, and pineapple, and nata de coco. Alcohol is not included. Price: 213.84 yen.

Aeon "Cheers Punch - Tropical

Cheers Jelly - old-fashioned melon soda style

Jelly inspired by melon soda. Refreshing combination of melon and cider flavored jelly. Price: 213.84 yen.

Aeon "Cheers Jelly - old-fashioned melon soda style

Basque Sandwich Cookie

A rich basque cheese sandwich consisting of a crispy cookie sandwiched between a rich, sweet cream cheese filling. In addition to coffee and tea, the cheese flavor goes well with beer and wine. Price: 321.84 yen.

Aeon "Basque Sandwich Cookies"

Luxurious Domestic Melon Tart

A Father's Day limited edition tart with a luxurious spread of seasonal domestic melon. The tart is made with almond powder damande cream, baked in a savory baking pan, and filled with rich custard whipped cream, then covered all over with domestically produced netted melon. It measures approximately 15 cm in diameter and is priced at 1,382.40 yen.

Aeon "Luxury Japanese melon tart

BIG Ri! Tiramisu

This is a large volume tiramisu weighing approximately 760g (26.81oz). This is a popular product that is sold regularly. The coffee jelly and cocoa sponge soaked in coffee syrup has a bitter taste. The sweetness of the tiramisu cream and cappuccino mousse on top give it a well-balanced taste. The price is 861.84 yen.

Aeon "BIGORI! Tiramisu".

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