Antenor "Apple Pie"

"Apple pie" is on sale from the online shop of the Kobe-born patisserie "Antenor". Limited to online shops. The price is 3,240 yen (shipping fee and cool flight fee are not included). The delivery period is from January 17th. Limited quantity.

In late June 2021, there was news that the fruits of apple farmers were "damaged" by the sudden rain in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, which caused holes and scratches. When it gets scratched, no matter how good the quality is, it may be out of the standard of distribution and there may be no place to go. It will be sold as an exceptional "apple pie".

Even if the apple is damaged, it is a delicious apple with an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, which is the same as the genuine apple if the scratches are carefully removed. The aroma and richness of butter and vanilla are added, and the heat is slowly cooked to bring out the sweetness.

Apple pie

A dish of rich French AOP fermented butter "Montegu Butter" and a pie that makes the most of the simple taste of French wheat, sautéed with butter and carefully stuffed with apples. It is baked to a crispy taste with juicy, sweet and sour apple flesh and rich buttery aroma.

You can enjoy it whether it is cold or warm. Add cold ice cream to a warm apple pie and the ice cream will melt into the savory pie, making it even more delicious in your mouth. It is also recommended to sprinkle with cinnamon.