Mr. Donut "Pizzatta

Mr. Donut "Missed Gohan" New Menu

Items Ten new items from the "Missed Gohan" meal menu will be sequentially released at Mr. Donut stores starting October 4 (except at some stores). The lineup includes "Pizzatta," "World Soup Noodles," "Seasonal Pie," and "Moist Muffin.

In addition, as the second part of the Yumcha Anniversary Project, Mister Donut's first cup noodle, "Misudo's Soup Noodles for Home," will be available in limited quantities from October 11.


A newly developed, easy-to-eat size product topped with classic pizza ingredients on a square of Mistudo's special sticky dough, Pizzatta Margherita and Pizzatta Quattro Cheese will be available from October 4.

Mr. Donut "Pizzatta

The dough is made with a special recipe that includes glutinous rice flour, which gives the pizza a soft yet elastic texture. For in-store dining, the pizza is baked to order and served hot. After taking them home, they can be heated in a microwave oven or toaster for an even more delicious taste. The food is served in a special package so that it can be easily eaten anywhere.

Pizzatta Margherita

Mr. Donut "Pizzatta Margherita".

A sticky pizza dough topped with herb meatballs, mozzarella cheese, genovese sauce, and tomato sauce. The herbed meatballs accentuate the flavor. Priced at 486 yen for To go and 495 yen for eat-in (tax included, same below).

Pizzatta Quattro Cheese

Mr. Donut "Pizzatta Quattro Cheese

Pizzatta for cheese lovers, with four kinds of cheese combined with sticky pizza dough to which glutinous flour is added. Topped with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, pecorino romano cheese, and black pepper, the four cheeses give it a rich flavor. The price is 486 yen for To go and 495 yen for eat-in.



Noodles As a finale to the anniversary project, three types of "World Soup Noodles" will be available to commemorate the "30th Anniversary of Yumcha", which is the result of the meeting of Misudo's soup noodles and soups from around the world. They will be on sale from October 4 to late March 2024.

World Soup Noodles

Tom Yam Kung

Mr. Donut "World Soup Noodle Tom Yam Kung

A soup noodle with shrimp and vegetables, the spicy and sour soup with a delicious taste of chicken and shrimp goes well with thin noodles. The price is 693 yen for eat-in.

World Soup Noodles Shark Fin Soup

Mr. Donut "World Soup Noodles Shark Fin Soup

Delicious shark fin soup with oyster sauce and scallops added to slow-cooked chicken broth. Thin noodles are well mixed with the thick soup. The price is 693 yen for eat-in.

World Soup Noodle Bouillabaisse

Mr. Donut "World Soup Noodle Bouillabaisse

A rich soup with a hint of garlic and herbs, simmered in a delicious seafood broth with shrimp, squid, and white fish. Priced at 693 yen eat-in.

Seasonal Pies

Three types of pies with a crunchy texture and rich flavor, perfect for the fall and winter seasons, are now available. Available from October 4 to late March 2024.

Shrimp-scented Creamy Bisque Pie

Mr. Donut "Creamy Bisque Pie with Shrimp Scent".

A rich and creamy bisque flavored with potato and shrimp is wrapped in a crispy pie crust and baked to perfection. The price is 248 yen for To go and 253 yen for eat-in.

Thick 4-Cheese & Meat Pie

Mr. Donut "Melted Four Kinds of Cheese & Meat Pie".

A pie filled with Bolognese sauce simmered in tomatoes and a cream mixture of four kinds of cheese (Camembert, Gouda, Mascarpone, and Cheddar), topped with shredded cheese and baked to a savory perfection. Priced at 248 yen for To go and 253 yen for eat-in.

Rich Chocolate Pie

Mr. Donut "Rich Chocolate Pie".

A sweet pie with rich but not too sweet bitter chocolate cream wrapped in cocoa pie crust. By heating it up, you can enjoy a richer chocolate flavor. Priced at 248 yen for To go and 253 yen for eat-in.

Moist Muffin Apple Earl Grey

Mr. Donut "Moist Muffin Apple Earl Grey".

Moist muffins baked with a moist dough kneaded with Earl Grey tea leaves and topped with apple pulp. They are baked with apple cinnamon jam. Priced at 237 yen for To go and 242 yen for eat-in. On sale from October 4 through late March 2024.

Missed Soba Noodles in Soup at Home

Mr. Donut "Miss Donut's Soup Soba at Home".

This is the first cup noodle from MISUDO that uses non-fried noodles, allowing customers to enjoy the firmness of fresh noodles and the thinness of soup soba noodles. The chicken-based soup is simple but tasty and goes well with the noodles. Priced at 270 yen, the product will be available in limited quantities from October 11, and will end as soon as it is gone.

We have also compiled a list of MISUDO's Halloween products: Misdo "MISDO HALLOWEEN - Lively and fun ghosts come to see you! ~" white cat doughnut "White Fashion Cat", "Pon de Choco Devil", "Strawberry Franken", etc.