McDonald's "Strawberry Daifuku Pie

McDonald's "St

rawberry Daifuku Pie" McDonald's will release a new hot sweet "Strawberry Daifuku Pie" on Wednesday, March 22 (except at some stores).


Daifuku Pie

is a new hot-sweets item inspired by "Strawberry Daifuku," which is perfect for the arrival of spring. Strawberry Daifuku Pie is made with "Strawberry Grain An", which is a combination of strawberry pulp and grains, and soft strawberry-flavored rice cake wrapped in a crispy pie.

In developing this product, the difficult point was how to express "strawberry," "mochi," and "anko" in taste and appearance so that people can enjoy Daifuku with strawberries as a pie. By combining strawberry pulp and bean paste, and adding strawberry flavor to the mochi, we have created a flavor with a gentle sweetness and just the right amount of tartness from the strawberries. The balance between the strawberry bean paste and mochi was also carefully selected so that the mochi has a strong sticky texture.

McDonald's "Strawberry Daifuku Pie

We recommend eating the "Strawberry Daifuku Pie" while viewing cherry blossoms during the cherry blossom season. It is a great way to reward yourself when you want to take a breather and feel spring in both appearance and taste.

The "Strawberry Daifuku Pie" is available in two types of limited-quantity product packages. The packages are decorated with a spring-like pattern of strawberries, anko (red bean paste), and mochi (rice cake), with a mizuhiki design on the package opening.

McDonald's "Strawberry Daifuku Pie

The in-store price starts at 160 yen (tax included). In-store prices may vary at some stores. Prices for delivery differ.

Hot Apple Pie, a classic hot sweet with a rich apple filling and crispy pie crust, is also on sale. In-store prices start at 140 yen (tax included).

McDonald's "Hot Apple Pie