Starbucks New Sweets: Hand-Shibori Chestnut Mont Blanc

Starbucks Autumn Sweets - A Compilation of Tasting Reports

This is a compilation of tasting reports on the seasonal sweets available at Starbucks Coffee (Starbucks): "Hand-Shibori Chestnut Mont Blanc," "Pumpkin Scone," and "Aomori Red Bean Custard Apple Pie! Click on the links of each product name to jump to the detailed article page.

Hand-Squeezed Chestnut Mont Blanc

Starbucks New Sweets: Hand-Shibori Chestnut Mont Blanc

The first time I tasted this pie, I was surprised to see that it was so delicious. Hand-Squeezed Chestnut Mont Blanc The "Mont Blanc" is a chestnut cake with the rich flavor of marron paste squeezed to the point of spilling out. First of all, it looks luxurious, and the heaping amount of marron paste is smooth and full of sweetness from the chestnuts! The mild whipped cream and marron mousse are a perfect match. This is a must-try for chestnut lovers!

For more details, click here: Starbucks' newest sweet "Hand-Shibori Chestnut Mont Blanc" is too good to be true! A luxurious dish filled with rich marron paste!

Pumpkin Scone - A Taste Test Report

Starbucks new scone "Pumpkin Scone".

Pumpkin Scone Pumpkin Scone Pumpkin scones are baked with pumpkin dice and paste in the dough. It is accented with a hint of cinnamon. The pumpkin dice and paste give the scone a soft and chewy texture, making it perfect for the fall season! The pumpkin seed topping is also aromatic and has an exquisite crispy texture. We recommend having the scones lightly heated at the restaurant!

For more details, click here: Starbucks' new scone "Pumpkin Scone" is crunchy and soft! The sweetness of pumpkin and a hint of cinnamon make it a perfect accompaniment to coffee!

Starbucks' new

custard apple pie with red bean curd from Aomori Prefecture

Tasting Starbucks' New "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie".

Aomori red bean custard apple pie Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie This apple pie combines sweet and sour apples with a mild custard. The apple preserves wrapped in the dough spread the sweetness of the apples as you bite into it. The melted custard adds sweetness and richness, accented with a hint of spice. You can enjoy the luxurious taste of this cake by heating it up!

For more details, please click here: Starbucks' new "Aomori Benidama Custard Apple Pie" is filled with apples! Autumn flavor with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice!