Fujiya "Look (Festival Sweets)

Fujiya Summer Festival Sweets

: Limited-time offerings with a summer festival theme from three of Fujiya's long-selling brands: "Look", "Country Ma'am", and "Home Pie". The new products are "Look (festival sweets)," "Country Ma'am (vanilla and chocolate banana)," and "Home Pie (butter and cotton candy flavor). The release date is July 4.

Shaved ice, candy apples, chocolate bananas, and cotton candy, all staples of summer festivals, are transformed into Fujiya's sweets. The new product is a summer-only item that allows you to enjoy the summer festival atmosphere at home, with tricks such as assembling the outer box and playing backgammon on the inside. The price is open to the public.

Look (Festival


): Two flavors of classic summer festival stall sweets can be enjoyed in one box of "Look (Festival Sweets). This milk chocolate product contains a candy apple and a Blue Hawaii shaved ice cream, respectively. When the package is assembled, it transforms into a food stall.

Fujiya "Look (Festival Sweets)

Country Mam (Vanilla & Choco Banana)

A limited time assortment of the standard Country Mam vanilla flavor and a chocolate banana flavor that represents the "Choco Banana" popular at food stalls. The moist dough kneaded with banana puree is wrapped in a crispy chocolate cookie and filled with pink chocolate chips that resemble color spray, representing "Choco Banana" in both taste and appearance. Freezing it in the freezer for 30 minutes or more gives the chocolate chips a crispy texture, which is recommended for summer! Cut open the outer bag and you can play backgammon printed on the inside.

Fujiya "Country Ma'am (Vanilla & Chocolate Banana)

Home Pie (Butter & Candy Flavor)

A limited time assortment of Home Pie's classic butter flavor and candy flavor that represents the popular "candy" sold at food stalls. The pie is filled with sugar and sprinkled with pink sugar to resemble cotton candy. The cotton candy-flavored pie has a one-in-a-thousand chance of being the "lucky home pie" branded with an image of a summer tradition! Cut open the outer bag to play backgammon printed on the inside.

Fujiya "Home Pie (butter & cotton candy flavor)