Supervised by Kappa Sushi "Nantsuttei" "Secret Black Mar Oil Pork Bone Ramen"

At Kappa Sushi, "Secret Black Maru Tonkotsu Ramen" supervised by "Natsuttei" will be on sale from January 12th to February 28th as the 16th "Authentic Ramen Series" (finished as soon as it runs out). The price is 495 yen (tax included).

Supervised by "Natsuttei" "Secret black mar oil pork bone ramen"

Reproduce the rich but light taste soup that can only be tasted at "Nantsuttei". The rich and creamy tonkotsu soup, which you can enjoy the unique aroma and bitterness of the charred garlic oil "black mar oil", goes well with noodles.

Supervised by Kappa Sushi "Nantsuttei" "Secret Black Mar Oil Pork Bone Ramen"


In 1997, Mr. Ichiro Furuya opened the first store in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and now the store is expanding including Singapore. "Kuromar Oil", which is synonymous with "Nantsuttei", is characterized by its blackness and the aroma of charred garlic. Inspired by "Nantsuttei", tonkotsu ramen using black mar oil is still increasing all over the country.

The soup uses soft and mild pork bone soup. The scent of soy sauce stands out and it has a smooth texture. The simple combination of creamy and rich pork bone soup, fragrant secret black mar oil, and homemade char siu is the reason for its unwavering popularity.