Korakuen "Hirata Ranch W Chashu-men
Chashu-men made with Hirata Farm's "Kinka-buta" and "Sangen-buta" from Korakuen

Korakuen and Hirata Ranch Collaboration's Limited Menu

Korakuen will introduce "Hirata Ranch W Chashu-men" as a limited-time menu item. It will be available from November 1 to December 30. The price is 890 yen (tax included).

Hirata Ranch W


"Hirata Ranch W Chashu-men" will be available for the fourth year in 2022. It features chashu pork made from Kinka pork raised at Hirata Ranch and Sangen pork, which is characterized by its delicate meat quality, and is said to melt in the mouth.

Korakuen "Hirata Ranch W Chashu-men
Hirata Ranch W Chashu Noodle

Hirata Ranch was started as a pig farm by local youths in the former Hirata Town in the Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture, and is now known for its brand-name pigs, including pure Kinka pork, also known as "phantom pork," and sangen pork raised on domestic rice.

To match the pork chashu, the soup is said to be made with rich, thick pork bone soy sauce with sweet back fat added to create a rich yet drinkable flavor. All toppings other than vegetables and the broth are made with pork from Hirata Farm, and the dish is described as a satisfying one.

It is sold at 344 Korakuen suburban stores. It will not be sold at food court outlets.